Nursery program for age 3.5 -6 years old is focused on school readiness and creating a positive foundation for learning. The curriculum which has a good combination of care and education can promote the child`s positive self-image, basic skills and the development of thinking. These activities include 5 different courses as follow: English (Phonics), Bahasa Malaysia (Suku Kata), Chinese (Pinyin), Mathematics (Chinese Version), Science (Chinese Version). We emphasize the importance of language arts and provide a strong foundation for future language development through group discussions and storytelling

Our caring activities provide opportunities for children’s learning and development as they involve intensive communication between children and staff. The program consists entirely of activities that expose all the eight multiple intelligences: visual, musical, logical, social, verbal, intrapersonal, naturalist and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences of the child. We Arrange and facilitate the use of the physical space and materials in ways that support healthy development, self-management, and cooperation.

Our Features

  • Highly-skilled staff
  • Small class sizes and high adult-to-child ratios
  • A language-rich environment
  • Age-appropriate curricular
  • Stimulating materials in a safe physical setting
  • Warm, responsive interactions between staff and children
  • Support children’s PILESS development
  • Applies the cycle of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation to support children’s healthy development