Early childhood education lays the foundation for children’s lifelong learning, balanced growth and development, well-being and health. The Kindergarten Program is specifically designed for children ages 3.5 to 6. We provides care, education and instruction and effective practice is based on knowledge about children’s growth, development and learning. A broader holistic approach promoting children’s cognitive and non-cognitive development – through experiential learning, play and social interactions – is understood as more appropriate for fulfilling children’s learning potential.

The program consists of several subjects such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Moral, Art, Physical Education and etc which approved by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. The program support children’s learning processes e.g. through adult interaction and involvement; group management; enriched learning environments; theme or project methodology – in order to achieve curricular goals.

Our Features

  • Highly-skilled staff
  • Small class sizes and high adult-to-child ratios
  • A language-rich environment
  • Age-appropriate curricula
  • Stimulating materials in a safe physical setting
  • Warm, responsive interactions between staff and children
  • Support children’s PILESS development
  • Applies the cycle of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation to support children’s healthy development