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专业补习班KSSR (SJKC) Tuition (Ages 7-12)

KSSR (SJKC) Tuition

School Tuition is one of our signature programs. The program for children ages 7 to 12 which is designed for KSSR (SJKC) Syllabus and emphasizes on holistic development of the students. It covers BM, BM Karangan, BC, BC Karangan, BI, Maths and Science for standard 1 to 6.

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安亲班 School Age Day Care
(Ages 7-12)

School Age Day Care

School-Age Day Care programs are designed for children from ages 7 to 12 before they start or after they finish their school academic day. A longer day means that daily routines such as noon lunch, bath, and tuition and homework supervision are woven into the program.

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幼儿园 Kindergarten
(Ages 3.5-6)


The Kindergarten Program is specifically designed for children ages 3.5 to 6. We provide care, education and instruction and effective practice is based on knowledge about children’s growth, development and learning.

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托儿班 Nursery
(Ages 3.5-6)


Nursery program for ages 3.5 to 6 is focused on school readiness and creating a positive foundation for learning. These activities include 5 different courses as follow: English (Phonics), Bahasa Malaysia (Suku Kata), Chinese (Pinyin), Mathematics (Chinese Version), Science (Chinese Version).

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We Provide High Quality Care and Education

From early years to compulsory school age are the most formative in children’s lives and set the foundations for children’s lifelong development and patterns for their lives. In this context, we provide a complete range of quality and integrated educational programmes for learners of all ages from 3 to 12 years which are early year nursery, kindergarten, school-age tuition and day care.

Caring, Health & Safety Centre

We foster care interactions which are supportive of children’s overall development and well-being in healthy and safety environment.

Teachers are Trained, Qualified Professionals

With a professional and passionate team, we able to provide a quality and effective learning experiences to the children.

Comprehensive Programmes

Our curriculum based on pedagogic goals, values and approaches which enable children to reach their full potential in a holistic way.

Working With Parents

We co-operate with parents leads to better social, behavioural, and academic outcomes for children from all ethnic and economic backgrounds

Systematic 6S Approach

We organize centre in a clean, efficient and safe manner to enhance teacher productivity and visual management.

Understanding & Respect Diversity

Knowing and respecting these differences within and between children helps the teachers focus on the positive characteristics each child possesses.

Putting Children First Now!

Choosing a child care & education provider is a big decision. You want your child to learn, grow and have fun in an environment that is welcoming, safe and stimulating. And most of all you want caring and supportive teachers who have your child’s well-being at heart and develop to their full potential. Our quality centre can meet your expectation hence prepares children not only ready for school but also ready for life!